Be Happy

What is Be Happy?

Be Happy is a social and emotional learning supplemental program in Spanish with the following characteristics:

These lessons are...
  • visually attractive and quite flexible since they can be implemented at appropriate times throughout the school year
  • grade level appropriate
  • easily integrated into any curriculum
  • supported by a simple platform with very useful additional resources
  • effective and facilitate students’ learning about themselves in a fun way
  • designed to contribute to the formation of a deep personal humanistic vision by helping to develop an understanding of human emotions


Be Happy seeks to develop students’ understanding of the meaning and the concept of emotions so that they can accept them and subsequently put them into practice through their actions. In this manner, learning is articulated by students in these three phases that are labeled: Head, Heart and Hand.

Student Workbooks by Grade Level

Student Workbook

Each Student Workbook has a corresponding Teacher’s Guide.

Teacher’s Edition

Classroom Bundle for 25 students in Grades 1 - 2 and 30 students in Grades 3 - 6

Student Resources

  • Student Workbook: consists of 10 units that are each taught in a fifty minute lesson. These lessons are extended using the additional resources available for each unit.
  • Each Student Workbook contains extra lesson features that vary according to the unit, such as: awarding a diploma, a culminating reflexion, an interview, or relating a fictional or personal story.
  • Access to an online platform containing multimedia activities and many additional activities that are easily accomplished in class or at home.

Teacher Resources

  • Teacher’s Edition.
  • Access to an online platform containing the Student Workbook and the Teacher’s Edition in digital format: each of the ten units is available in PDF format for projection while teaching the lesson.
  • Videos that support the content of each unit in the Student Workbook.