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Bering. En busca de América

El vendedor de dulces

El Conde Lucanor

La Celestina

Authentic Spanish Literature for the Secondary Grade Levels 7 - 12

You have an option of selecting any titles individually, and you can calculate the cost of your selections using a Price List Order Form for Bambú Lector that you can download and submit to Casals USA for an official quote using the Request for Quote Form which you can also download.
  • All titles have a corresponding student reading guide and an autocorrected assessment found on the platform: Some titles also have accompanying multimedia activities.

Secondary Student & Teacher Resources for Grades 7 - 12:

Student Resources

  • Authentic Spanish literature titles
  • An optional digital copy of each printed title
  • A PDF copy of the Student Reading Guide (Guía) for each book
  • Online Access to:
    • Multimedia activities
    • Online assessment
    • Evaluation of reading speed/fluency
    • Reading comprehension assessments for each title
    • Structured activities to develop reading comprehension
    • Interactive Student Reading Guides

Teacher Resources

  • A digital copy of each printed literature title
  • A PDF copy of the Student Reading Guide (Guía) for each book
  • Answer keys for each Student Reading Guide (Guía)
  • Student assessments for each book with autocorrection, reporting and storage of results
  • Upload district, school, or personal assessments and maintain autocorrected data online on the platform
  • Additional interdisciplinary activities provided for each book
  • Online daily lesson planning with the capability of providing student reports of reading progress to students and parents
  • Access to a Teacher Blog to share and exchange teaching experiences and student learning

For more great one literature: